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Special Needs Advocacy Program, Inc. will be embarking on our eighth year being the charity of choice to man the Grift Wrapping station at Seminole Town Center Mall. 


We would like to have you become one of our sponsors this year for a donation of $250.00.  Sponsorship includes having your logo, address, phone number, and website in our booklet that we distribute to the mall patrons beginning the arrival of Santa Claus to the Mall between November 15-19th and also, being printed in our Gift Wrap Claim Check, given to those dropping off gifts to be wrapped.


In 2022, we printed 2,500 free booklets and went on to reprint an additional 1,000 on December 12, 2022, to finish out our season of Gift Wrapping. In addition, we printed 2,400 of our Claim Checks and, unfortunately, did not need to reprint with 261 Claim Checks not used.  This year, we hope to double our initial print.


Special Needs Advocacy Program, Inc. (SNAP) does not receive any outside funding from the Federal, State, or Local Governments. Instead, our organization has persevered for the past ten years solely on our efforts to fundraise and through the kindness of a few private contributors. Unfortunately, during the onset of the Pandemic, we lost all our fundraising events, yet the demand for our services doubled.  SNAP would not have survived the Pandemic if it had not been for the funds we made during the 2019 Gift Wrap Season. 


We hope you will join us as a Sponsor this year to help us cover the cost of gift-wrapping expenses.  We are hopeful that this year, we will have a successful season at Seminole Town Center Mall to carry our efforts in supporting the Special Needs community forward in 2024.


Holiday Claim Check Sponsor 2023

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