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Advocacy Program

Many families are struggling today to get services from school districts nationwide. Issues include educational goals, behavioral issues, OT, PT, Speech & Language therapy, etc.


Our families need to become instant experts in Special Education Law and ADA rights.  It is a formidable task if taken on without support.  We understand that and we currently work with families all over Central Florida to educate and assist them in this endeavor.

  • Do you know what your child is entitled to under Federal & States laws of Special Education?  

  • Are you aware of your rights under the law requiring your school district to assess your child for services?  

  • How can you tell if your school is providing an appropriate learning environment for your child?

  • Is your child in the appropriate placement for his/her needs?  

  • Do you know if your school meets ADA (American Disability Act) guidelines?

Membership Has It's


We offer professional advocates in central Florida to assist families in need.


Our advocates assist families with developing and implementing their child's I.E.P. (Individualized Education Program) & 504 accommodations.   

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