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Our Philosophy

Our children's abilities are what sets them apart from their typical peers. Having a disability does not mean our children cannot be a viable member of society. With proper training and public  understanding, they can participate in a multitude of positions in the workforce, social events and in public speaking. In living their lives, they educate others on a daily basis. 

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"Together we can move mountains for our special needs kiddo's!"
-Jamie Grover, SNAP Director

Our Commitment to the Community

SNAP provides opportunities to the special needs communities that are not always funded through Local, State & Federal programs.  Some examples would be: 


  • Community Resource Education: Educating the community, parents, caregivers, extended family, and siblings about services available in their community. 


  • Advocacy Support:  SNAP assists families struggling within the school system in advocating for their children need’s in the I.E.P/504 process.  SNAP will provide instructional assistance in the I.E.P preparation and often attends actual I.E.P/504 meetings with parents at a nominal fee to the family.  Call us for more information on how we can assist you.


  • Parent Information & Support Groups:  We have two support groups.  On which meets every other Thursday night at 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm every month in Sanford, FL and is facilitated by our founder, Jamie Grover.  Our second support group meets the third Tuesday of every month in Winter Springs, FL.  Our meetings are open to families that need support or information pertaining to a Special Needs individual (child or adult of any age), as well as, foster parents who have children with or without a disability.  Support groups are 100% free of charge.

  • Community Support:  SNAP provides family support and educational groups for parents, caregivers, and siblings.   

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